About us

«Alliance Steel» specializes on fabricating of metal structures of different complexity and sheet metal processing. We are the quickly and constantly developing team of the like-minded profes-sionals who caters to the customer’s needs in no time and is always ready to keep up to date.

We have own production facilities, and our staff operates the innovative equipment. To provide a wide range of metalworking services according to your drafts is our priority. If the custom draft is missing, we are ready to take your order and make all the necessary drawings for you.

Among the sheet metal processing services which are performed at the highest level at the factory, we offer laser metal cutting, sheet metal bending, sheet cutting on CNC coordinate-punching press, metal punching of ferrous and stainless steel, metal welding, including argon semi-automatic welding, powder coating and many others.

Laser metal cutting is performed on the modern high-speed laser cutting machine «Trumpf». The highest quality of the machinery allows to cut parts of any shape with any outlines for ergonomic and decorative designs. The dimensional accuracy of parts with high purity of the processed surfaces is verified to the millimeter.

Coordinate-punching presses «TruPunch» by «Trumpf» are the leading European high-tech sheet metal processing machinery. They serve to cutting holes in sheet metal, for metal stamping and forming.

Sheet metal bending is made on Japanese-built equipment «Amada» which provides manufacturing of sophisticated 3 D parts, the highest quality of sheet metal bending and the precise repetition of consecutive bends.

You can always trust the quality products by «Alliance Steel», and the affordable and flexible pric-ing of the company facilitates the flow of satisfied customers. Our company has become one of the most advanced and successful Ukrainian metalworking businesses and proved as a reliable partner and quality product supplier. We would be glad to cooperate together!