Metal welding on inverter semi-automatic SSVA 270-P

Metal welding helps to connect parts from different metals, like cast iron, aluminum, iron, steel. Metal welding includes manual metal arc welding, automated welding, and semi-automatic welding. The manual process is performed by the welder, while in the semi-automatic welding the welding wire is supplied directly by the equipment.

The semi-automatic welding optimizes technological process, however, it has its pros and cons. The commonly used semi-automatic welding utilizes argon, the inert gas which doesn’t enter into chem-ical oxidation with metal products. It is the gas that protects welding seam from oxidation, which is important when welding non-ferrous metals. Argon displaces oxygen and nitrogen from the weld-ing area, thereby reducing the porosity of the material under welding and strengthening a welding seam. During the semi-automatic welding argon can be used both in its pure form and in combina-tion with other protective gases.

The definite advantages of argon semi-automatic welding are in its cost-effectiveness, an ability to weld thin products, a possibility to connect parts from alloy steel and non-ferrous metals, as well as working under low current. It should be also mentioned, that there is a reduced amount of slag formed and a little number of toxic substances released into the air due to blowing. The better quali-ty welding seam is created, the optimal arch burning and the melting depth are provided.

There are not so many drawbacks of argon semi-automatic welding: the more powerful emitting, low productivity and that molten metal is splashing and can pose a danger to the worker’s eyesight.

The peculiarity of argon semi-automatic welding: to perform it, the necessary amount of argon should be stocked, the most effective equipment mode needs to be selected according to the guide-lines to the semiautomatic device. It is possible not to clean the surface of the product being welded from oxides, as well as to use argon with both melting and non-melting electrodes.

Argon can be applied to work with non-ferrous metals and with its help cast iron or steel can be welded. The professionals from the «AllianceSteel» can offer argon semi-automatic welding or metal semi-automatic welding on inverter semi-automatic SSVA 270-P after discussing all the de-tails with the customer.