The design of the pantograph consists of a beam that is attached to the ceiling above the car wash and rotates 360°. The pantograph is equipped with special rotating elements: a metal tube and a base. Water is drawn to the pantograph fixed to the ceiling by means of metal stainless pipes or high-pressure hoses, which are permanently attached to the walls and ceiling with the help of special fixings. The same high-pressure hose goes down from the pantograph to the high pressure gun. When washing the car, the client performs all the ordinary operations, while the pantograph will rotate and follow him without any effort. The water supply to the base of the pantograph is carried out both from the side and from above.

Very often, car washes face the issue of the rapid failure of high pressure hoses. This happens be-cause during operation the hose constantly rubs against the floor and car wheels bump into it. In-stalling a pantograph in the box will extend the lifespan of the hose.

The operation principle of this mechanism is simple. From the stationary system, water is supplied to the pantograph using high-pressure hoses rigidly fixed to the wall or ceiling. And from the panto-graph the hose goes down, and connects to the gun. Thus, any contact between a hose and the floor is excluded, and it is protected from friction on a rough surface and wheels of the coming-in cars.

In addition to the protective function, the pantograph greatly facilitates the work of the washer. Now there is no need to pull a multimeter hose. From whatever side you wash the car, the hose will easily turn over it!

The cost of the pantograph depends on the material from which it is made. We offer stainless steel pantographs. Such a mechanism is reliable and durable, resistant to aggressive environment of a car wash. The costs associated with installing a pantograph will quickly pay off, because the need to replace worn high-pressure hoses will be reduced to a minimum.

If you are tired of changing the damaged high-pressure hoses, if you are tired of dragging a multi-meter hose around the car and constantly spin it up, then buy and install a pantograph on the car wash. The equipment will be protected with it, and the work will be much easier.