Sheet metal casings for self-service car wash



Today, the number of self-service car wash businesses is increasing exponentially every year. In the nearest future, self-service car wash will appear in every Ukrainian city, and in megalopolises their number will be measured in dozens. As a result, competition is growing.

The most important aspect of attracting customers is the quality of the self-service car wash equipment. To manufacture quality paraphernalia there must be reliable partners in metal pro-cessing.

The company «Alliance Steel» manufactures protective sheet metal casings for self-service car wash, self-service vacuum cleaners, control panels and similar.

Advantages of sheet metal cases for self-service car wash:

— Long life service.
— Simple in usage, maintenance and in replacing parts.
— Do not lose shape and color with moisture.
— Do not lose quality in multiple assembling and disassembling.
— Environmental friendly, as they do not contain volatile resins.
— Convenient in everyday maintenance.
— Have a wide range of applications: self-car washing manufacturers.
— Nice-looking.

We manufacture custom products from metal, of any complexity and types, according to custom drawings, drafts and samples. The company «Alliance Steel» guarantees not only the product quali-ty, but affordable pricing that make the company one of the advanced and leading metal pro-cessing companies in Ukraine. If you are looking for the reliable partner in metalworking, «Alliance Steel» is the right choice!