Lamp housing

The obvious fact is the importance of the lamp housing as its integral part. Lamp housing is a qual-ity-made and well-chosen case that is a guarantee of trouble-free and long-term operation of the electrical device. Technical characteristics of luminaires largely depend on the materials that are used in their manufacture and design solutions. So, among the important factors that certainly need attention when choosing the right lamp housing are the material itself, its coating, the method by which the body and the grounding outlet were assembled. The ideal lamp housing should be weld-ed or cast, that is one-piece, because the joints are the most vulnerable places prone to corrosion.

The lamp housing is most often created from rolled steel sheets. The undoubted advantages of this material are the strength of the lamp and the availability of various mounting methods. Moreover, steel is good because it can perfectly remove heat from light sources that come out when overheat-ed, and, at the same time, it is not sensitive to ambient temperature. However, this material has a significant drawback. Steel is susceptible to corrosion, and without proper processing it can lose its looks and rust.

Therefore, the quality of the lamp housing coating is considered to be a rather significant when choosing the luminaire body. It is great when the lamp housing is covered with high-quality pow-der coating that evenly lays down and has anti-corrosion properties.

For the most scrupulous customers with specific requirements, the company «Alliance Steel» can offer custom-made lamp housings according to the drawings and sizes you suggest.

We have considerable experience in the manufacture of lamp housings for various purpose. Special-ists of our company will quickly design and manufacture in time any lamp housings, using sheet metal, aluminum profiles or pipes.

Lamp housings for fixtures manufactured by «Alliance Steel» meet all modern standards and re-quirements, combining high quality, aesthetic appearance, lightness, structural strength, durability in operation and ease of installation.