The Company «Alliance Steel» manufactures and supplies custom lockers and metal wardrobe cab-inets . We make lockers by the customer’s drafts and drawings, taking into consideration all the construction features of commercial premises.

The company "Alliance Steel" manufactures custom metal wardrobe cabinets, according to indi-vidual drawings, taking into account any structural features of office space. Metal wardrobe cabi-nets are part of metal furniture and are used to store clothes and other personal items. They can be found in locker rooms of supermarkets, educational institutions, swimming pools, etc. The reliable lockset and ventilation openings provide storage convenience and effective protection of personal belongings from theft.

Metal furniture advantages:
- Long service life.
- Easy to operate, repair, and replace parts.
- Does not lose shape and color when moisture enters.
- It does not lose quality during repeated assembly and disassembly.
- Environmentally friendly, - does not contain volatile resins.
- Convenience in daily service.
- A wide range of use: commercial and office use, sports facilities, educational institutions, manu-facturing enterprises, storage facilities.
- Versatility and quality.
- Attractive appearance

Due to these unique properties, metal furniture deserves and enjoys a huge popularity in the mod-ern office furniture market all over the world.