Metal furniture for food industry



The company "Alliance Steel" has a wealth of experience in both designing and manufacturing spe-cialized metal furniture for the food industry, catering and trade. The most used materials for the manufacture of metal furniture which can be in contact with food are stainless steel and aluminum.

Our company has positively recommended itself in the manufacture of metal products and steel structures, in particular, when argon semi-automatic welding is carried out. The well-trained and skillful welders and advanced equipment help to raise the quality and the level of complexity of metal furniture.

We offer a qualified and extensive consultation on the technical characteristics of metal furniture manufactured by us. We are ready to provide customers with a wide range of functional metal furniture for equipping catering facilities, professional kitchens and supermarkets - shelves and racks, production and finishing tables, washing baths, specialized equipment. We have extensive experience in the manufacture of custom metal furniture according to the customer’s drawings, as well as in the design of steel structures.

Specialists of the company "Alliance Steel" can manufacture metal furniture for the food indus-try, which you want to buy. These interior elements will ensure the functionality, dynamic and safe work of the staff in the professional kitchen, as well as the necessary industrial comfort. You will receive quality service, reliable guarantees and reasonable prices with us.

We care about the product quality and value cooperation with you!