Metal furniture

Considerable experience gained by our company in the field of working with stainless steel helps us actively join the medical equipment industry. It can be both custom medical equipment cases, and ready projects. Among our customers are dental offices, clinics, manufacturers of sophisticated medical equipment. At the request of our customers we produce stainless steel tables, stands, tool storage boxes and much more.

Metal furniture is an excellent choice for solving many functional tasks in various public institu-tions, enterprises, business offices, etc. That is why, it is worth buying metal furniture made by us. We offer the excellent performance characteristics of any metal furniture that give it significant advantages over traditional wooden furniture.

Sheet steel is coated with a specialized powder-polymer composition, due to which it becomes high-ly wear-resistance and fire-resistance. The strength of metal structures allows you to store such items, the weight of which ordinary furniture can not stand. Contemporary looks are gained due to the natural color of steel and the linear design in the minimalistic style. Long service life, saving of space, all these and many more are the advantages of metal furniture.

In addition, we offer archival storage cabinets for office documentation, metal wardrobe cabi-nets in changing rooms or utility rooms which will become an excellent solution in different institu-tions and organizations, if necessary. To manufacture metal furniture such metals as aluminum, iron, stainless steel are used.

When it is necessary to move metal furniture, it is easy to assemble and disassemble it, which al-lows you to do without special tools. You simply don’t have to think about the possibility of the furniture damage during transportation and assembly.

The pricing policy for metal furniture is quite attractive when compared with its counterparts in wood. Contact us for the consultation and receive the highest level of customer service and profes-sional answers to all questions to immediately buy metal furniture. The company «Alliance Steel» can provide you with reliable and durable furniture.

We make custom metal furniture of different complexity and designs, according to the custom drawings and samples.You decide what metal product you want to get, what size, where handles should be placed and what color it should be painted. Our staff will do all sorts of work to design this product for you.