Stainless steel rack shelving are designed for storage at food catering establishments, production and culinary workshops, refrigerators. The material for the frame manufacture depends on the cus-tomer’s requirement: stainless steel AISI 430 or steel 3 with a polymer coating.
- Steel frame with polymer coating, steel shelves with polymer coating.
- Steel frame with polymer coating, stainless steel shelves.
- Stainless steel frame, stainless steel shelves.

Our main advantages:
• Professionalism: a team of highly qualified designers with extensive experience in the metal products.
• Speed: compliance with the established time frame and the order implementation as soon as possi-ble.
• Customized approach:
- the possibility of producing various types of metal products from sheet metal;
- expert assistance at all stages of the order;
- availability of a large data base of ready-made solutions.

This service has already been used by 500+ of our customers, and we have produced more than 3000 custom metal products for them.