Steel doors and armored steel doors


Steel doors and armored doors are usually associated with strength, reliability, and protection from highly unwanted invasions. However, modern technologies and trends also prove that such doors can also be nice-looking , because there are many options for decorative upholstery of steel doors, one of them goes with the help of natural wood.

Thus, in the hands of professionals steel doors and armored doors can get individual touch and become an additional decoration of an apartment or house. Every year they enjoy increasing popu-larity, because everyone wants to protect the integrity of their own property, personal and family members life and health.

Armored steel doors are a distinctive sign of solidity that gives your premises, be it a house, an of-fice or an apartment, the necessary respectability. These doors also feature good sound insulation and are characterized by increased resistance to cracking and durability.

Steel doors and armored steel entrance doors can guarantee reliability, if you pay attention to the lockset when choosing them. Most armored steel doors today have either a cylindrical or lever lock. The cylindrical lockset is considered better because of its compact size and ease of replacing the key, if necessary. An important component of steel doors are door hinges. The presence of spe-cial bearings or balls, which are provided with hinges, will, to some extent, become a guarantee against chafing and sagging of doors. Also, the use of special anti-removable systems in the steel doors design increases their anti-burglary characteristic.

The main factor that determines whether the steel doors belong to the armored class or not is the quality of the metal, and in addition, the total thickness of the sheet metal in the door package. Special metal alloys are used for the manufacture of armored steel doors with certain characteris-tics that provide high resistance to gas cutting and complicate the use of tools for structural destruc-tion.
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