Water vending machines



In today's world, the quality of drinking water is very important, so water vending machines are ubiquitous. Buying water from various mineral springs allows buyers to get drinking water free from impurities and saturated with vital mineral components that are balanced in quantity, taking into ac-count the needs of the human body.

Among the advantages of water vending machines there are as follows: the twenty-four-hour op-portunity to use it, high performance, reliability of operation and a convenient technical solution. Water vending machines are designed for Ukrainian water and are reliably protected from external damage by a strong casing of durable metal. It is resistant to external factors and is considered anti-vandal.

The casing of the water vending machines should be quality painted, to give it the highest level of anti-corrosion protection, especially in case of powder coating. The design of the water vending machine allows the service personnel to have free access to any necessary parts.

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