Laser metal cutting is performed by high efficiency laser metal cutting machine «Trumpf»

made by the leading company in metalworking machinery manufacturing. The advanced laser metal cutting equipment helps to solve a lot of production and design tasks. It is a multifunctional tool to process thin and thick metal, to cut stainless steel, aluminum, ferrous steel. The advantage of laser metal cutting machine «Trumpf» is the effective combination of advanced laser with the proven machine industry technologies.

Laser metal cutting is used, as a rule, at industrial production lines. This method of sheet metal processing is very precise, and it enables manufacturing of parts with complicated patterns. A fo-cused laser beam is directed by computer. To cut the material automatically, you should only pre-pare a file with the necessary pattern in the drafting software and then forward it to computer.

Such a technology is rather advantageous among other ways of metal cutting. Due to absence of any mechanical contact, there is a possibility to process easily damaged, delicate parts, and avoid their deformation. The high speed of laser metal cutting increases productivity, the cutting line doesn’t require additional polishing. The focused laser beam reduces the waste, and sizes of parts become accurate. Hard alloy materials can be also processed.

A significant saving on resources relates to the fact that, for example, to produce small batches of products one doesn’t need to make specific molding patterns or press molds, which require substan-tial financing.

We offer laser metal cutting of your equipment parts, units and any structures at affordable prices. Together with laser metal cutting you can also order sheet metal bending of parts, metal welding, structural steel erection, powder coating by contacting us online.