Powder coating of metal items

Powder coating is one of the modern innovative technologies, which allows to get an attractive and durable finish on almost every metal and highest quality metal products.

The major advantages of powder coating compared to paints on solvents are as follows:
• excellent decorative, physical and chemical properties of coatings, which are impossible if using traditional painting methods;
• higher quality coatings and better performance properties are achieved;
• powder coating can be applied in a single layer, unlike expensive multi-layer liquid coatings due to the 100% dry matter content;
• less porosity is present in the powder coating.

The majority of powder paints have improved anti-corrosion and impact resistance properties com-pared to conventional paints. Powder coating ensures the formation of a shock-and-corrosion-resistant coating, which operates in the temperature range from – 60 to + 150С.