Sheet metal bending is one of the most in-demand services provided by the «AllianceSteel».

It helps to give the blank or its separate part a curved shape by using sheet metal bending machine. The process is not complicated, but it requires attention and accurate actions. It has appeared due to advancement of metalworking technologies. This method allows manufacturing of solid and cost-effective metal structures without metal welding.

Sheet metal bending has a number of advantages comparing to other steel sheet metal processing methods. The cost of professional sheet metal bending is much more affordable than metal weld-ing. There is no need to do an expensive seal seam, and the possibility of defects is minimal, com-paring to metal welding outcomes.

It’s possible to make metal profiles of any complexity due to the high technological equipment that is used for sheet metal bending. To get the most exact results our company constantly monitors and optimizes technological processes at all stages.

Sheet metal bending is made on advanced equipment with multifunctional CNC system, which allows an operator to provide simulation of the entire sheet metal bending process. Sheet metal bending machines enable manufacturing of complicated parts with low tolerances. They implement a unique concept of parallel deflection of the cross-arms to ensure a constant amount of insertion of the punch into the die along the entire bending length.

Company staff can estimate your custom drafts in order to correct them from the technological point of view, schedule the execution plan, and help with other additional services, if required.

We offer quality sheet metal bending services at affordable prices. Our specialists are knowledgea-ble and well-trained experts in metal bending. They can manage any order duly and as soon as pos-sible.

Together with sheet metal bending you can also order steel structure erection and powder coat-ing by contacting us online.