Metal punching is done by coordinate punching press «Trumpf»

Coordinate punching press is one of the most popular machinery to do sheet metal work. CNC co-ordinate punching press «Trumpf» with high precision positioning mechanisms are distinguished as the most productive equipment. It is very useful for works on perforation and metal cutting, metal stamping and metal punching. All these services are offered by the «AllianceSteel» and will be per-formed properly by our technicians.

Punching holes in sheet metal is the advanced technology, which allows to get holes of the required sizes and in the necessary order directly in the sheet metal material. The size and shape of holes can be different. It is most often used to manufacture big batches of the same type parts. Energy effective technology allows to reduce customer’s costs.

To speak about process conditions, coordinate metal punching occurs at a high speed when a metal sheet is moving along the guides. Every hole is punched very quickly, in a split second. Operator needs to only change programs regularly and monitor the manufacturing process.

Together with metal punching of parts you can order the following services: sheet metal bending, metal welding, steel structure erection and powder coating by contacting us online.